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Winner Appreciation Needed


Hola lovely people!! Do you love Winner? Is your bias perhaps one of these lovely boys? Do you love posting about their silliness? Does your heart go 두근두근 whenever you see one of these boys? Well then, this card may be speaking to you.
Now my current chingus and I are not the moderators for Winner. However, we love these boys so much that we wanted to know if any of our friends on here would love to work with us and dedicate a day of appreciation for each member. Don't know who's who? No worries below are photos of each member with their role in Winner.


±Leader, Lead Vocalist ±'94 liner I must admit, this guy has some seriously beautiful lips. Just look at the last picture. \%_%/


±Vocalist, Visual ±'91 liner Completely taken back by him... in @LunaCordero words: I belonged to him the moment I saw him...ㅠㅠ But look at that profile, Adam's apple, eyeseu, that look, even his nostrils for heaven sake.., you get me right? Anyways..


±Lead Rapper, Main Dancer ± '92 liner Yas, yas, yas.. His eye smile and that sly bad boy look... drool What do you think?


±Main Rapper ± '93 liner What can I say about him except.,. just all of him. Am I right?? Can he estop for a moment, I need a breather.. √_√


±Main Vocalist ± '94 liner This little sass ball here though....enough said. He look good in that last pic though.. I have to reconsider this What do you say?
So, in all, I'm currently looking for individuals or pairs..whichever.. to take over for the weekend & coming up with themes (with me) for our lovely members: ∆Seungyoon (@mrsjeon) ∆Seunghoon (@swarrier16) ∆Taehyun (@Sammie99522) ∆Jinwoo (@PrincessUnicorn) ∆Mino (@twistedPuppy) So please if you are interested in being part of our lovely WinKonics family (Winner & iKon) comment below or message one of us darling ladies {@twistedPuppy or @Sammie99522} and me.
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@PrincessUnicorn you are our winner for Jinwoo then
a year ago·Reply
@IsoldaPazo yesssssss ^.^
a year ago·Reply
a year ago·Reply
There all my bias since I can't choose😅😐
a year ago·Reply
Mino is bae! Im in if he is still avaiable 😉
a year ago·Reply