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Anyone know some really fucked up anime like corpse party no restrictions whatsoever I want all the horror and gore anime has to offer
@ebethoven @SimplyAwkward @SimplyAwkward @AshChrimson @BryceTerao @LesterRodriguez Thanks everyone for your suggestions I'll definitely check them all out and for anyone who thinks I'm crazy I'm not okay maybe I am a little teeny tiny bit crazy but the main reason I was ask for gory horror anime is to see which one I think looks better anime gore or live action movie gore and that just made me sound crazier but whatever who cares I just wanted to do a gore fest so the rest of you crazies later XD
Parasyte is my favorite horror anime with Highschool of the Dead with a close tie.
Ajin is also new and Berserk is getting a new anime series which I'm excited for.
Another is sorta like corpse party, um. . . Elfen Lied is pretty gorey. Catherine, I think that's a game though. A good gorey manga is magical girl apocalypse. Hellsing ultimate has its gorey moments. Erm. Yeah. . .
whaaa looks good!!!!whats the anime called?
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