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Jin think this dancing is his most attractive feature
Sugar thinks that his most attractive feature is himself
Jhope's is his hidden sexy side
Rap Mon's is his foolishness
Jimin's is his adorable eyes
V's is everything about himself
Jungkook isn't sure about his yet
What do you think is BTS' most attractive feature??
Source: @bwibelle on Tumblr
@AlittleJoy oh man they're trying to kill me here! I agree with them but also I'm huge on how people present themselves. How I feel their personality shows so I honestly fell in love with all their personalities (cheesy I know haha)
jin is his lips. namjoon was right but his voice is too, v was right, jimin was half right cause his lips too, yoongi hit the nail on the head, hoseok is right, kookie better realize he's just damn attractive. his lips OMG his smile OMFG. his voice lord have mercy and his bag not look when he's in all black I'm just 😡😡😡😡😡😍😍😍😡😡😡
@EverieMisfit same here! the music brought me in, the personalities made me stay. I totally get you
@melz064 @EverieMisfit @leelee12 I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH HOBIE AND JIMIN. Hobie is really trying to kill me tho...
I agree with all of them and what I find most attractive about Jungkook is his smile
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