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I'm FINALLY about to find out who Ichigo's mother was!!! And even more importantly, what or who Ichigo really is!!!!! My hearts in pieces right now since he got kicked out of Soul Society and his rights as a Shinigami. If he finds himself, he'll finally be able to understand himself and move forward, become stronger, and get Zangetsu fixed!!!! 馃槏馃榿馃槉馃槄鉂わ笍 Holy emotions..
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Idk how or why she died yet though.. I'm not that far into the backstory yet. Haha 馃槄
WHAT BUT ICHIGO HATES QUINCYS no offense or offence too Uryu ishida I don't think he even cares dreams about Uryu .............? no he doesn't care
Right???! Shinigami and quincies hate each other but his mom was a Quincy, dad a Shinigami... Blows my mind.. @DenisseSanchez
but it's different Ichigo loves his mother Ichigo wouldn't hate his own mother >< right ?
she's what... SHE'S WHAT!!!!!!! Don't make me wait!!!!