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Kpop and Khiphop edits by 재이 ❤️

Well anyways your beloved kawaii potato Is back 🍠

Anyways we are talking about edits as you can see ( ̄ε(# ̄)︴

This is my most recent edit ❤️

This is a khiphop edit

~this is my favorite 😍

These are some kpop edits I've worked on ❤️

This is a mixture of both ~kinda I've this one because it has all of my babies in it ❤️💛 So if you want I could make you guys some edits 😊

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@ElleHolley glad I killed you 😂😂😂
a year ago·Reply
that matia edit is life
a year ago·Reply
@LocoForJiyong bro I really need to process this name change on my taglist, I still have you as the old one 😂😂😂
a year ago·Reply
@JaiiPanda 😂😂😂😂 yeah lol time to update
a year ago·Reply
@JaiiPanda ................😰😰😰😰
a year ago·Reply