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Brandon Stanton, the photographer behind “Humans Of New York,” recently visited Iran. He wrote his travel experience about Iran and human of Iran beside many photos. The special point of his photos is that he simply captured Iranian real life as it can be seen. The following is a part of his recent blog about traveling to Iran. The US Government has a lengthy travel warning for Iran. While not advising you to ignore this warning, I do advise that you balance it with direct accounts of Americans who have recently visited the country. These accounts are generally filled with superlatives— the country is beautiful, the history is rich, and the people are eager to demonstrate their almost-sacred commitment to hospitality. Americans are especially loved. This was noted in every travel account that I read, and I can confirm the fact. You will be smiled at, waved at, invited to meals, and asked to deliver personal messages to Jennifer Lopez. American music, movies, and media are thoroughly consumed by the people of Iran. Like all countries, there are many different viewpoints, but the vast majority of people will associate you with a culture they admire and respect. for more info : http://www.humansofnewyork.com/tagged/iran
@Tapsamai I hope thought and you can come to Iran and enjoy :)
Oh, I did follow that photographer on Facebook, his story teller is pretty beautiful, I love it. Did not know that he went to Iran though.
For some reason US citizens must be on a tour. I don't know, why do you think?
@curtisb thank you, but Excuse me Why you can't come without tour?!
@zainal I really want to go but not on a group tour!
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