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So tonight when I got home (still getting over this awful cold) I was patient and waited to put on my mask after I got out of the shower....
(don't worry I'm wearing a towel). I think it's important to note that I used a serum before putting on this mask. I recently started using Boots No. 7 beautiful skin blemish fighting serum... I think I've enjoyed some benefits from it lol. other people with adult acne swear by it... I'm sick and going through a divorce so maybe I just need less stress in my life... Thoughts: The mask dried out faster than the others but had a more immediate effect. Hyaluronic acid is used for healing wounds, and since I just so happened to pick some scabs on the way home I thought this was the best way to go... and it was... the sores were already healing and the redness calmed down when I took of the mask. my face feels soft and hydrated so I highly recommend this mask.
@MaighdlinS Thanks for all this information again! I'm thinking to try the daily mask for one week and see how it goes. Can't wait to see your next skin care card! :D
No problem! :D
I've used them daily for the last two weeks.... its made a huge difference in my complexion. One of the last masks I used opened up some deep rooted acne so I have a blotchy chin but I can see and feel the difference in the rest of my face... The next step I'm planning is the get the lemon peeling lotion and transition to a mask 2 to 3 times a week while rotating the peeling lotion. One of the big reasons I had acne trouble was a build up of dead skin and not having a proper fave routine. I did have clear skin before I went off birth control so I was spoiled with no routine other than a wash. I have gotten behind again ;) but next time I'll add in a few other steps... I'm also planning on going to a sephora or Ultra beauty to see if they can recommend a good full coverage liquid foundation for me to try.
@MaighdlinS Do you apply a facial mask every evening? I only do them weekly but was wondering if daily would make a huge difference.