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Okay so I was on YouTube and I was watching the dance performance of 'All In' and all of a sudden #Gun's mixtape pops up on my recommended. Idk if it was just me that didn't know about this, but I'm glad I found it because he slayed!
It's called 'Reload' and it's a little under 2 mins (yes very short) but super good! His style is very different from the one we saw on No Mercy, but still leaves an impact nonetheless.
Yes.. I'm so happy you remembered.. Instead super happy.. I love him
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I do think he will debut soon...either part of a duo or part of another group. His dancing needed work to be part of a group.
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@awkwardlove23 I love him too! I was super bummed he didn't make it, but then again I wouldn't have Monsta X any other way
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@JaxomB I think so too...right now he's under Starship's solo artist subsection, but he is rumored to be in a two person group. And yes his dancing was not the best, but when he practiced for the final round he actually did quite well!
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