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Narutos Kage level
What does everyone think narutos kage level is. Do you think he is as powerful as 2 kages, 3 kages or more ? You don't need to explain just put ur answer I think he is as powerful as 4-5 kage
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they could have probably won easily if they use the powers the Sage of Six Paths gave them against the guys I-forgot-the-name about... was it Momoshiki? or did it start with K?
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they were using it @ynah2002
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@AngelMartinez1 oh... sorry I was just expecting the circles on Naruto's back sorry ^^;
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lol its okay @ynah2002
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@ynah2002 but ya that's how powerful momoshiki and kinishiki were ( I think thats his name)
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