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Here's part three! I was bored so I thought I would make the next part to it! Hope you enjoy!! WARNING: EXTREME LANGUAGE
Once BamBam gets back.. "Hey.. I was thinking we could have a second date? Do you like that idea?", questioned BamBam. "In your dreams you motherfucker! I seen what you were saying to Jackson! Your such a bitch! Why would you do that?! ", you yell attracting attention to you and BamBam, also you start to cry. "Listen Y/N it's not what it seems!", yells BamBam. "Really? Because it seems like you don't like me at all and your just trying to make me happy by "dating" me!", you yell. You lost your temper, so you call and uber so you can go home. You than see BamBam walking out of the cafe when you get in the uber car. Your thinking to yourself ... Why did I ever think he would want to be my boyfriend.. You than break down in tears.. You than decided to call your best friend Jackson. "Hey you okay? I heard what happened.. Im so sorry. I thought he actually liked you but.. I guess he doesn't", said Jackson "I'm fine, I'm just super mad.. this has never happened to me before.. Look I have to go see you later..", you say. Once you get in your house you get into your pajamas and go to sleep immediately. You have a dream.. You we're dating Mark, that annoying blonde guy that you feel like is your brother.. Do you like him?
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