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Alright! Thanks to everyone's suggestion and tips I started looking into more comfy shoes for my summer trip! @Ticasensei convinced me to invest in a pair of slip-ons for touring, and I decided to get one. I don't think it's a good idea to wear new shoes on a trip, so I want to get them now so I can adjust the fit.

Here are my choices! Which pair should I get?

I'm looking for something that matches with maxi dress and shorts!

Clayton Slip-On Sneaker

Kenneth Kole Kingliest Leather Slip-On

Vans Embossed Weaved Slip-On

Vans Metallic Leather Slip-On (Rose Gold)

Mason High Top Sneaker

@petname83 you are absolutely right! I can't believe I forgot they carry shoes too. I'll take a look and see what styles they have right now. Thank you!
roxy and aero have some nice light weight slip on too
the low ones
kenneth kole
hi tops and the keneth kole
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