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Alright! Thanks to everyone's suggestion and tips I started looking into more comfy shoes for my summer trip! @Ticasensei convinced me to invest in a pair of slip-ons for touring, and I decided to get one. I don't think it's a good idea to wear new shoes on a trip, so I want to get them now so I can adjust the fit.

Here are my choices! Which pair should I get?

I'm looking for something that matches with maxi dress and shorts!

Clayton Slip-On Sneaker

Kenneth Kole Kingliest Leather Slip-On

Vans Embossed Weaved Slip-On

Vans Metallic Leather Slip-On (Rose Gold)

Mason High Top Sneaker

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the low ones
roxy and aero have some nice light weight slip on too
@petname83 you are absolutely right! I can't believe I forgot they carry shoes too. I'll take a look and see what styles they have right now. Thank you!
theyre all gorgeous. vans is winning
I live for high tops so I'd pick the Masons