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You haven’t heard from Wonsik all day; which is really unusual. Normally you would receive at least a text just checking in. Around lunch you shoot him off a text.
YOU: Hey. Hope everything’s okay with you.
At the dorm Wonsik receives your text and just stares at it. He sets his phone to the side and lets out an exaggerated sigh. N looks up from his composing sheet,
“You going to answer that?”
“It’s [YN]. I don’t know what to say to her anymore.”
N puts his notebook aside and crosses over to face him.
“You’re going to ruin a really good friendship because she’s your best friend’s mate? That doesn’t make much sense. It’s not like you to be the kind that says if I can’t have you I don't want any part of you.”
“I know! It’s just awkward now. They’ve had sex; and I really liked her.”
“Okay, first their souls have consummated; not their physical bodies.” Wonsik opens his mouth to comment but N holds up a finger to stop him. “I want you think about two things; one, isn’t it good that your best friend is destined to be with someone you also call a friend? Now you don’t have to worry about losing either one. Two, if you like her that much; imagine what meeting your own mate will be like?”
He rests his arms on his legs, head hanging down between his legs. He nods but then adds,
“It’s still awkward for me, I’m sure she’s going to have questions.”
“Then refer her to her mate. They have to start communicating in this realm and soon since their souls are already one. Besides,” he slaps him on the leg and goes back to his notebook, “she’s his responsibility.”
It takes about twenty minutes before you hear back.
WONSIK: Hi. Sorry I had something I had to work through. What you up to today?
YOU: Just enjoying the time off.
WONSIK: Want to come over?
YOU: I’m sure you guys are busy; you don’t need to babysit me.
WONSIK: Everyone’s working on their own things, you won’t be disturbing anyone. I’ll be over to get you in 30, alright?
YOU: Sure, okay.
When you arrive, you only see N in the living room writing in a notebook. He looks up and smiles in greeting. Out of the corner of your eye you see a door open and Leo suddenly appears.
N greets you, “Hey. How are you today?”
"Good. Thanks. You look busy, are you sure we won't be disturbing you?”
He just smiles, folds up his notebook and stands to leave. “You guys can watch TV or whatever; I’ll go in the other room.”
“I don’t want to push you out…”
“You aren’t; no worries.” He looks past you to Leo, back to Wonsik, then leaves the room.
Leo looks over at Wonsik with a raised eyebrow. You look between them, sensing some tension.
“Is there something going on, with the two of you?”
“Nope,” he looks down at you with a smile. “Say, I feel kind of weird being the only one you’re not calling by our stage names, why don’t you just call me Ravi from now on.”
Now you know there is something wrong, he just told you the other day that he liked being Wonsik instead of Ravi. The look on his face though is telling you not to argue. You look at him perplexed but nod,
“Alright. If that’s what you want.”
“Yeah, that’ll be good. Was there something you wanted to do?”
“Nah, hanging out’s fine. If you didn’t have anything specific, I’m good just being here.”
Leo has walked further into the room and is waiting. You gather your courage and turn to him with a smile. You aren’t that you believe your dreams, but what if what he said in your dream last night was true? And what about his comment yesterday about seeing you in ‘our’ dreams and then you dreamed about him? You guess you'd better find out more about him if he’s going to keep popping up.
“Did you want to join us Leo?”
The quick shock suddenly replaced by a smile touches you. He nods, “I would. Ravi didn’t tell me you were coming today.”
“Oh, he just invited me about an hour ago. My being here isn't going to disturb you is it?”
He looks at you, contemplating how to answer your question about ‘disturbing’ him. Now why do you suddenly know that? You blush and look down to which he quietly responds, “Not with this.”
Ravi pipes up, “Hyung, how did you know we were here, we didn't make any noise.”
“You weren’t sleeping I hope?”
A small smile appears as he tilts his head and responds to only you.
“You would have known if I was.”
He looks over at Ravi, “I felt her enter”.
Their souls consummated already, I wonder how it's going to be like when they physically get together?! I can see the fireworks already! 😉 I know she can feel him...she probably just doesn't know why? But Ravi....😔 Hope he meets his mate soon too.
I love Leo so much omg😍 What's with the dream thing though? I'm not quite sure I get it too well...
So good. This is fascinating to watch slowly come together. My sweet Ravi, I hope he's able to accept things soon, I want him happy and to be able to be his friend. But I also can't wait to spend time with sexy Leo in the physical realm. 😅