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For this A or B bridal fashion plate, I wanted to do something a smidge different. I wanted to showcase two gorgeous gowns that are not your typical American bridal dress style.
If you were to choose, and I hope that you do, would you go with the bustier ball gown that is awash in violet detailing...or would you take the neutral blushy empire style gown with white appliques?
To tell you the truth, I am TORN between these both. I love the silhouette to both of these gowns. But if I had to absolutely choose, then I would go with B. Just something about the color and style. Love it!

What would you choose?

I LOVE these. I adore purple and you know that...but I'd have to choose B. So beautiful! The cut would look so flattering and sexy, while still classy and elegant. It's just more me. I'm not a ballgown girl. >_> lol And the headpiece and veil!! Ahhhh! LOVE! <3
B all day!
If I only had these two to choose from; I go with A. But I would have to where something like the vail to cover the cleavage. B does not inspire the bride in me. A is look at me this is my wedding ;) I'm the princess.
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