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I found this card made by @EliseB with this challenge, and I decided to do it. You can see her card here.

The challenge was created by @KpopINT you can see the original card

I decided to do this challenge, but I'm scared because I have to choose which Bias I would marry. My Bias list is SCREWED UP! I have four Biases and I can only choose one. So I decided to do this at the flip of a quarter.

The One I will Marry

He's Closest to my age, that's why I'll go with Namjoon.

My Wedding Dress

Namjoon's Outfit.

I just think he's So Sexy in that outfit, so he's going to wear it at our wedding.

Our Wedding Rings.

I'm a Huge Lord of the Rings fan, so these are the rings that we'll have.

My Shoes

My Cake.

Butterfly (Prologue Edit) By BTS.

The first song to play at my wedding.

Black Pearl by Exo

The second song to play at my wedding.

Love Letter by Vixx

The third song that will play at my wedding.