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So today is a wonderful day. 8 year's ago the world was improved. SM5 became shining SHINee and we will never be the same! SHINee stole everyone's hearts. We all became pretty nunas and never looked back.
From calling us pretty
to looking at the beautiful view
they dance
act like dorks
accomplish so much
and will always look out into a beautiful ocean
#8yearswithshinee #let'sdo8more<3

고마워요 샤이니!!

Here's to another amazing year with these wonderful guys. Dibidibidreams do come true <3
Wow happy birthday to my first kpop boy band that really got me so deep into kpop that now I can't get back out. When I think about it know it just makes me feel old even though I am old 17 years old but I have been with them since the Lucifer album. Always knew that they were going to last long. Hopefully they will be around for another 8 years or more. ☺🎂
SHINee has already existed for half of the time I have roamed this planet, but they gave me the chance to love all sixteen years I have been granted. My SHINing princes, my Saviors, through SHINee World, opened my eyes up to a much clearer, areumdaun view of what is out there, and I can't thank them more.
I'm so proud of how far they've come in the past eight years. I hope that Shinee will be around for a long time. They can be the third Shinhwa (Big Bang needs to be the second lol).
i can honestly say that Shinee has worked so hard to get to where they are right now. i once hear them say in an interview that they cannot be shinee without the loyal fans. i want to thank them for giving me such great music. i hope that keep on doing what they love.
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