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I get yelled at all the time for not having a password on my phone...

Also, my boyfriend has WAY TOO MANY APPS on his phone and I'm more of a minimalist so I think I'd just spend the day deleting all the crap he has and doesn't use...
The thing that killed me was his comment about having no data.

"Living like a turtle going from shelter to shelter looking for wifi"

Would you feel comfortable switching phones with your best friend or significant other?

Phone? Why not. I honestly don't use it as much as people think I do. I just use it as an excuse to avoid eye contact with people as I walk down the hall. (x.x) My notebook, however, is a different story...
well my best friend or (my dream) significant other have iPhone, so I'll pass on that challenge because I have 0 iPhone tolerance.
No problem here. We both like food and porn so it would be a seamless transition.
I think if I had a bf and we did switch phones he wouldn't keep mine for long.. So many idols and stars in here Lmaoo Then they'd know just how much I love food and my true level of social aniexety. It's too risky.
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