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When you can't decide on your favorite player...

Giancarlo Stanton and Ichiro Suzuki are both great baseball players.

But one thing is for sure! They both play very different types of baseball.

Stanton is known for crushing baseballs out of the park...

And Ichiro is known for making contact with the ball and his speed!

But one thing's for certain. These two are incredible baseball players.

So what do you do when you can't decide on your favorite player?


But to be honest...I'm not sure if I'm digging the look.
Baseball fans (or any other sports fans!)

Who are your two favorite baseball players? Would you ever do what the fan above did with his two favorite players?

my two favorite players of all time would be will clark and j.t. snow. as for the Jersey no I would go with will clark which is my favorite number
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Stanton is a Hawaii guy
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