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I'm not the kind of makeup lover to wear falsies every day, or even every month. I'm lucky enough to have long & full eyelashes to begin with, so me using false lashes has been limited to special occasions & cosplay events.
Still, having some extra tips on how to make them more wearable can't hurt, right?

Try cutting them in half!

This will give you more control while placing them, or you can just use half on the outer part of your eye to go for a less over-the-top look. This is also a good way to practice before moving on to full lashes.

Use extra glue at the ends!

The ends pop off for me too so I apply a tiny glob more at the ends when I do wear them! This keeps the ends from popping off, so they don't end up peeling off.

Add glue to your hand as a test spot!

I also dab some glue on the back of my hand right before I put it on the lash. So as it gets tacky/goes clear I know when to place it on my lash line. Clever, right? I also usually apply the glue to the lash by pulling the lash through the glue on my hand rather than trying to squeeze it onto the lash.

Match your real lashes to your falsies!

Try to curl your lashes and apply a layer of mascara before the falsies. It might help them stick a lot easier, and also has the added benefit of your real lashes blending with the false ones more! Or, uncurl them with your last curler - just make them match with each other! I have really curly lashes, so I uncurl them a bit so they match.

Use individual lashes!

I use the little individual ones that come in small clumps. Then, I line up about 3-4 on my lashes. Easier to control for me. Perhaps for you, too?

So, will you try some falsies?