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We all know that Beauty Blender's have taken over the makeup world in the last few years, and for good reason! There are other sponges that work just as well, but they've really shown makeup lovers what is possible.
But where did it start? Well, with a makeup artist named Rea Ann Silva! While she cites SFX makeup artist & makeup artists for the ideas, she is the one who made these kind of sponges so accessible:
"Sponges were a disposable, throwaway product. We were taught very early on through marketing and the way sponges are sold in bags of 36 or whatever to throw them away and get a new one and use it," declares Rea Ann Silva, the creator of the Beautyblender.
TL;DR, she was looking for an easy sponge to use on set when HD cameras first came into the film industry. Then, she started calling sponge companies looking for samples to see what would work best. Then, she got a sponge company to work with her long term to create the first Beauty Blenders! They were pink at first simply because the sample sponges were different colors to help differentiate them, and the pink one was the one Rea Ann liked best!
She actually traveled the world trying to get the sponge right:
"Silva is resourceful, however. 'I would travel from country to country and would buy sponges everywhere, whether it be from mass market drug stores or high end makeup boutiques,' explains Silva. 'I would turn the package over and see who it was manufactured by and I started seeing a pattern.' It turned out that at the time, most of the sponges were produced by one of four factories across the globe."
If you wanna read the whole story (it's actually really interesting!), check it out on Racked right here!
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I always thought the beauty blender is too expensive for what it is. However, I might have a change of mind after reading this. I can't believe she traveled across the globe to pick out the material. That's dedication and quality there.