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We've been talking for about 7 months now yet it feels so long and i fell hard. She is everything i want and need. She's only 6000 miles away. Could it be real? Is it worth it? She feels the same but is scared. Advice?
That's really, really hard. Just continue to try to make them happy and be open and honest about if you ever feel held back or stuck because of the relationship. Let them go if they need it, but if you both want it love is always worth a shot!
distant does not matter in being in a relationship. you don't need to see someone everday to be in love . do what makes you guys happy if you are in love go for it
if you really love and care for this person so much it's all worth it don't give up open your heart to this person tell them how you feel
If she's everything you've ever wanted, don't let her go. Distances don't matter if the love is real. What you feel for each other does. It could lead to something really beautiful, she could be the one for you. You can't let her go only because she's living far away. The world is a small place today and things will work out if you want them to. It is difficult but it's really the love that matters. Even if you both see each other everyday, there's no guarantee that your relationship might work out. It depends on the people involved. What I'm saying is, if you feel it's true, go for it. And maybe, she feels the same way :)
I honestly think it is worth it because love has no boundaries