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So this whole week i had block scheule which mean 2 hrs in one class and during geometry, my geometry teacher let us play with lego for fun. So the whole time i was just thinking TAEMIN,TAEMIN, TEAMIN................ Everyone in class was like who is that and i was like the most amazing man in the world .
Even in english I used bts in my english paper (hahaha while was typing the paper in class i was listening to bts on youtube)
Have u ever felt like kpop cant let u go and ur like okay fine just this one time but you do it always anyways. Comment below something that has happen to u because of kpop
@DanielaSaucedo It's weird but I like to explain what it meant to people so if I meet a random person who has never heard of bts I would recommend songs like their cypher or popular videos on YouTube
@SimplyAwkward the same happened to my friend she was wearing a bts shirt and like 2 people asked her what it meant
a few months back I was wearing my Rap Monster long sleeve shirt and a professor from a different class (I was waiting for a friend) asked what does BTS mean so I lied and said Back To school