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Annyeong!! Its Sky here! Today I shall share my playlist with you!..Well the Top 10 most repeated songs.
This song is amazing and also has a great story line and backgroud. The music video is great too.
I love this song. Granted everytime I hear it I laugh at Hoshi's sound effects. I also have a slight problem where I have to watch the music video.
D.O- Tell Me (What Is Love)
This boy...D.O really knows how to kill me with his voice. This song is that slow jam that you just love for any kind of time.
Sleepy ft. Bang Yongguk- Body Lotion
Ok this song is really good one and Yongguk's voice really doesn't help to keep me whole!
DEANxGAEKO-D (Half Moon)
Ahh Dean...this man...His voice is amazing and this song just..hits me.
Jessi- Excessive Love
Ok this song...this song you guys. My heart hurts so much when i listen to this song, nut at the same lifts me up. I dont really know how to explain it well enough to do the song justice.
BTS-Save Me
Ok anyone who knows me knows how much I BTS. This track is so amazing! Cant stop playing it.
Big Brain-Break Away
Big Brain is a seriously underrated group. They have practically no info but..I love them!! they make such wonderful music and this particular track kills me.
Big Brain- NO-YEs
After discovering this group, this song has been put on repeat for hours. I love this groups sound and their voices. This particular song of thiers' really calls to me.
G.Soul- Where Do We Go From Here?
Ok this song has been played so many times in the span of a week! its such a soft and mellow song, that puts me so deep in my feels!
Whats your Go To song or playlist?-Sky
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