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Like I've said before I'm an American, so a little thing suchas countour can be so diffrent because of different beauty trends and standards in different countries,(but I have done a lot of studying so I promise I know what I'm talking about!) a reminder I personally am a fan of contouring it makes me feel pretty! but sometimes I need to take a break and realize my natural but. as should you, (THIS IS FOR YOU!!!.....)your beautiful! you really are! sometimes even just you smiling can change your whole look! *here's some tips* #1. use a highlighter or and lighter concealer on the bridge of your nose, point of chin. and draw to upside down triangles under your eyes for more coverage. #2. take your foundations and fill in the spots that aren't already covered #3. go in with 2 powders a lighter shade of powder than the other. put the lightest powder where you highlighted, and the darkest where you put your foundation. #4. blend together! I know it sounds like a lot but as you do these steps use little product and either way it will leave you with a Suttle natural contour this is one of many ways to achieve this look!
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Another interesting card @KpopBlossom I alway thought Korean makeup does not require contouring but I guess I'm wrong!