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My first ever created screen shot game! Hope you enjoy! And if you want show me the results of what you got and please tag me in it, I'd love to see your results :) *Keep in mind anyone and everyone can play this*
The one to punch the other guy in the face and places his arm around your waist. "Don't ever touch what's mine unless you have a death wish."
The one who completely ignores the guy you just hugged and makes out with you in front of him.
The one who straight up glares at the other guy, pulls you close to him and hugs you even tighter. "You're mine no-one else's."
The one who pulls you away from him and whispers "Don't ever hug another man that's not me. Unless you want me to go crazy."
The one to completely show jealousy and won't speak to you until you say "I only love you."
The one who ignores the both of you and walks away to later finding yourself staring at him kissing someone else that's not you.
The one who calmly and politely says "Hands off, what's mine is mine." And walks away while holding your hand.
That's the end of the game! Hope you enjoyed! And thank you for playing! :)
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