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I usually don't watch BuzzFeed videos but this one caught my attention. Boyfriends cutting their girlfriend's hair. Sounds exciting and also nerve-wrecking. The ladies are pretty chill and cool though. The cut wasn't perfect but it's something a hairstylist could easily fix.

The perfect example is the video below.

The girlfriend ask the boyfriend to cut & color the hair. In between each process she went to the salon to get touch up. Her hair ended up really short but it doesn't look bad and looks like a fun experience!
I wouldn't mind getting my hair cut by boyfriend because I think he would be the nervous one. lol. It's not an easy thing to take responsibility of someone else's hair!

Who would ever let your boyfriend or girlfriend cut your hair?

I'm willing to let someone's boyfriend cut my hair if they have been properly trained and have experience. Otherwise one of the ladies at the usual spot is doing it.
As someone who has been a boyfriend, my significant other would be nuts to trust me to cut her hair
I would let my girlfriend cut my hair xD
No I don't think so. My hair is really hard to cut right. I can't imagine letting anyone but who usually cuts it cutting it. Have shivers just thinking about it.
Hmm tats a tough one...if a guy is gonna cut his g friends hair it under her supervision...let her see what he's doing....
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