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How come we can eat hamburgers for lunch OR dinner, but we can only have pancakes for breakfast?

Have you ever had breakfast for dinner? And which breakfast foods make the BEST dinner foods?

(Personally, this only happens to me when I'm lazy and broke and eating Cheerios for dinner.)

@AimeeH That sounds like a hell of a brinner.
I eat breakfast for dinner quite a lot, actually. Bacon, egg, and cheese casserole is in high demand, at my house. And cold leftover pizza or meatloaf sandwiches for breakfast.
I have eaten a hash brown bake, pancakes, waffles, French toast, cereal, etc. I do not discriminate in any way, nor do I put rules on my tasty food. if it is nomable, it has passed inspection to be whatever it wants XD
@mrsjeon That sounds like an epic breakfast for dinner! Do you ever eat your eggs with maple syrup?
I usually have to make me and my brothers dinners, so it's normally whatever is in the fridge that's edible. In other words, yes. I have had breakfast for dinner.
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