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theeeeese i can listen to all day everyday ATLiens would be my favorite Outkast album. it's hard to believe André 3000 and Big Boi of Outkast were only 21 when their respectable sophomore album ATLiens dropped in 1996. Although known for commercially successful hits like "Roses" and "Hey Ya" ATLiens showed promise for the young duo fresh in the world of hip-hop, exhibiting improvements from their 1994 debut album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik... The content of the album isn't dense, but it definitely isn't light- lyrics are filled with perceptive and expressive rhymes about the Southern life, societal troubles, and the duo's newfound success, brought together by relaxed and powerful beats, artistically intricate verse, and different musical elements like gospel and reggae. Although not a monster classic from the 90s, listeners can expect to be hit with nostalgia from the golden years of hip-hop and an appreciation, whether it be renewed or newfound, for Outkast...
@roselee89 i definitely agree! atliens and aquemini are two or my favorite albums!
I really like Outkast. They are definitely artist to listen to for a throwback thursday.
ahhh this is just perfect! I am going to listen to this all day long <3
I love Outkast.... Dirty South...