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OKC is up 3-1 against the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

Before the two teams even began their series, many experts expected the Warriors to beat the Thunder and advance to the finals. Hell with that! Some even predicted a Warriors sweep. When OKC took Game 1, many people were like, oh well, the Warriors will come back. When OKC took Game 3, many people were still, the Warriors will come back.
Now that they've taken Game 4, many people...or just about everyone is beginning to think the Warriors (considered one of the best teams in the history of the NBA) could potentially go home without a ring.
Here are the highlights from Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals.
The Warriors seem really sloppy and with Durant, Westbrook, and just about everyone else on the OKC roster on top of their A game, I might have to change my prediction. It might be a tad too late, but looks like OKC is going to the finals...and the Warriors will be going home soon. But then, you never know. The Warriors can make this one of the greatest WCF by making a comeback.

Either way, this is definitely one of the most interesting conference finals I've seen in awhile.

Basketball fans,

Do you think the Warriors have a chance to make a great comeback or is it over for them?

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I'm a thunder fan and my pick was thunder in 6 nd I think imma keep it that way