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If you ever look at pictures posted by Koreans on Instagram, you might see a bunch of tags ending in 스타그램...

What's up with that?!

스타그램 is just "Stagram" and depending on what you add in front, it brings you to pics on that topic.

For example, in English we might say "instafood" for food pictures, well, in Korean you'd say "먹스타그램" aka "eat-stagram"

Another example is 냥스타그램!

냥 is the sound a cat makes so "냥스타그램" is like "meow-stagram!"

Who else thinks this is awesome!?

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Would another example be like Pintrest?
2 years ago·Reply
they do it in english with cats, catsagram is a thing. that is the first I've ever known about in any language Korea always 1 ups us
2 years ago·Reply
@robertakm64 im not sure if or how they use pinterst in korea :D
2 years ago·Reply
I find it just as amusing as i find in English... 😒
2 years ago·Reply
Ahhhh that makes so much sense now.
2 years ago·Reply