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Kpop is amazing but there are tons of other Asian pops that are just as good!

I grew up listening to mando pop and recently rediscovered a lot of new artist I had missed out while focusing on Kpop! Mando pop music style is slightly different than K-pop. The lyrics and music composition is more calm and poetic. The lyrics is usually inspired from personal experience.
These are some of my favorites:

Bii, Andrew Chan, Ian Chen and Dino Lee - Epochal Times

Hebe Tian - Little Happiness

Harlem Yu - Notch

JJ Lin - Twilight

Diana Wang - Home

I'd love listen to your favorite mando pops!

it's not pop, but I listen to a lot of J-ROCK
other than kpop ive only ever listened to Jpop. I've heard a few of Bii's songs as well. He has a lovely voice. Seen a few of Aaron's dramas as well. I Love tiawanese dramas!
I love Bii"s voice and I love that song!
@AlyssaGelet818 ANOTHER 365DABAND FAN!!!!!! *\(^o^)/* Love One ok Rock too!
Ugh this list is really good! I love JJ Lin's song Twilight!!!! Every single song I love! <3 <3 <3 I'll make a playlist and tag you~~~ :)
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