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Hi, I am Lexi also known as leximintkgtopty here on Kpopint. Here are my top 10 favorite kpop songs.

10 "Bae Bae" by Big Bang.

I love this song because of the whimsical theme and bright colors. The song it's self is so catchy. I just love it.

9 "Dynamite" by Vixx.

Vixx is my top band but I like their darker stuff better. Even so, I love the concept of this song. The stage outfits are just colorful and Leo is wearing a different color than black.

8 "Drip Drop" by Taemin.

This song has a tune that will just stick in your head. I can't listen to this song before a test or I can't concentrate. The video is just colorful. I just want to swim the the bright blue sky.

7 "Oasis" by Crush feat. Zico.

If you did not know this yet I have zico problems. I just love his style of music. Then, you add Crush and the tropical theme. I just can't stop dancing to this song.

6 "I am You, You are Me" by Zico.

I really tried to avoid zico but I failed. This track just sucks you in with it's lovely vocals and rap that is mellow but still has a groovy flow. Yhe video is just so cool with the retro feel and contrast of colors.

5 "Parachute" by Code Kunst feat. Oh Hyuk and DOK2.

This song with it's amazing vocals by o Oh Hyuk and rap that just brings this song home by DOK2. I can't help to bounce to the beat. I love the grimy feel of the video. It just is art and has such a free feeling soul to it.

4 "Party" by Girls Generation.

This song is my summer song. Just cuteness of the song kills me. When I hear this song I have to get up and dance. The colors of the mv are just as captivating. The aqua sea contrasts with the white beach. It just yells fun.

3 "Voodoo Doll" by Vixx.

I love the darkness of the video and the song has such a creepy yet exciting tone to it. I just get stuck in the melody. Ravi's rap kills me every time. I love the use of the orange, red and blue color scheme.

2 "Boys and Girls" by Zico feat. Babylon.

This is the true summer song. It is all about that summer party. I think Zico's rap is so funny. The video is just colorful and bright. It makes you make to throw a pool party.

1 "How People Move" by Akdong Musician.

I think I have listened to this song more that 10 times just today. I love the funky and groovy beat. I find myself singing along every time. It is just so fun. The video is cute and very childlike. The toys around are just fun. This is my favorite song because it is just so cute.