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I was talking to a friend about how Winona Ryder in Tim Burton movies is my favorite Hollywood anything ever.

She's been in Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, and when I recognized her voice in Frankenweenie, I had a very loud "YASSS QUEEN!" moment.

Do you like Tim Burton movies too? Which one is your favorite?

Shout-outs to those of you who remember he directed that 1989 Batman movie.
@SimplyAwkward @YumiMiyazaki Omg, Nightmare Before Christmas has always been one of my favorite movies too. I can seriously quote the entire thing lol. My favorite scene is when Sally puts deadly night shade into the soup. "Frrrrrogs breath? Nothing's more suspicious than Frogs Breath!"
haven't watched a tim burton movie I didn't like yet... I think my favorite is also nightmare before Christmas..just because childhood reasons lol
The nightmare before Christmas is always a classic
beetlejuice and nightmare before Christmas but I want to see frankenweenie
the nightmare before christmas 馃懣馃巺
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