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I am guilty of over spending money on makeup . Sometimes just reading brands makes me feel like the product will have better quality, but here are some dupes I found to help you save money . ..
Got to say this gives me joy, knowing drugstore brands can be similar to these expensive babies. (just bought maybelline fit me/matte)
I have never tried Jordana, but have heard wonders about its quality & price!
Well we all want that glow but Nars can be pricy & not always affordable!
More highlighters !
Colourpop is a much better choice, take it from somebody who owns both!
Loving that Loreal glow !
I always hear @tessStevens speak about Lolita, I am not intrigued to try this !
Yes my type of colors ! Definitely must buy now!
Almost identical for a $30 difference if you ask me!
6nyx = about 1 Becca shimmer!
I love colour pop sting raye, its my everday shade!
I definitely love maybelline gel eyeliner . . Which products caught your eyes?!? @hikaymm @marshalledgar @jordanhamilton @tessStevens @AlloBaber
doesn't that just MAKE YOUR DAY when people compliment you? @Cle1 :)
glad you all enjoyed this:)
I've always been a makeup snob (💋 Nars, Lancome Velours), but Maybelline is *life* - and I get the most compliments (stop-in-the-street compliments) from Maybelline products! Great list!
Ooh this is really interesting. I've always shied away from drugstore brands because of my ridiculously sensitive skin..but if they're basically the same...maybe my skin won't freak out? lol
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