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Jimin swears he has excellent balance. Like, he’s a champion at beam. You have to have balance for that. But every time he tries to even walk in front of Yoongi, that balance leaves him and his face meets the pavement. It had been 2 days, 3 hours, and 27 minutes since the last time Jimin fell. Even tripped really. The only reason he hadn’t was because classes ended on Friday and he didn't see Yoongi all weekend. Who is Yoongi? Yoongi is the absolutely gorgeous man Jimin fell hard for during freshman year. As soon as he walked into his Chem 201 class, Jimin felt his knees go weak. Somehow, the powers that be wanted to torture Jimin by making Yoongi his lab partner. Just last week he had managed to trip and spill hydrogen peroxide all over the workbench when Yoongi had smiled at him. Carefully Jimin made his way to his seat. Yoongi wasn't there yet. "Good" Jimin mumbled to himself. "Maybe he won't show and I can have an embarrassment free day." Just as he had settled in, placing his notebook and pencil in front of him, the devil himself walked in. Jimin swore he must have drooled a little watching the elder walk to his seat. "Why does he have to wear those jeans?" Jimin groaned internally. The jeans in question were obviously the porcelain god's favorite seeing as he wears them so often. Ripped at the knees and tight enough to highlight everything Yoongi had to work with, Jimin viewed them as his personal nemesis. "Earth to Jimin!" Yoongi said, waving his hand in front of Jimin’s now pink face. "Sorry hyung. I uh....uh...didn't sleep too well." "It's okay. I was up all night working on homework as well. Let's just survive this chem lesson, okay?" Yoongi said laying out his things. Jimin swallowed thickly when Yoongi's hand brushed against his own. He simply nodded in return and tried to focus on what the professor was saying. To Jimin's glee, the class went well without any major catastrophes. Well almost none, Jimin and Yoongi had both reached for a beaker at the same time. Causing Jimin to turn a darling shade of red. As they walked out of the classroom, Jimin breathed out a sigh of relief. "At least Yoongi won't have stained notes from today." Jimin thought. "PARK JIMIN!" Turning around to see who was yelling, Jimin damn near body checked Yoongi into next Tuesday. Thankfully, he caught Yoongi before he hit the ground. "I'm so so sorry!" Jimin said growing flustered "I didn’t know you were behind me and I was just trying to see who was calling my name and did I mention I was sorry?" Yoongi laughed which finally got Jimin to take a deep breath. "I swear it's fine. I was probably walking too close anyway." A breathless Taehyung ran up to the pair. "Sorry guys. I didn’t expect Jimin to whip around like that." Taehyung said between breaths. "Now, if you two are done cuddling, we have practice to get to." Jimin hadn’t realized he was still holding Yoongi. He quickly dropped his arms mumbling a sorry before sprinting to practice with Taehyung. Leaving Yoongi alone and a little breathless.
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