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Here I have a small collection of some specific Cosplay-Tutorials for Boots :3 Boots tutorial for: Loki (Avengers/Thor) Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji - Black Butler) Draenei (World of Warcraft) Enjoy! If you ever come to try it out, please tell me ;)
make boots? what
@curtisb I know right? Cosplayers are committed like crazy :D
what is cosplay? i've never heard of it
Cosplay is short for Costume play - meaning you are dressing up like your favourite character from movie or cartoon/Anime/Manga --> that means you are also committed to tailoring the costume, up to the smallest detail! Especially if it comes down to magical costumes, staffs, jewelry, shoes... It is unbelievable :) If you check out my other collection you can see some Cosplay examples! @curtisb