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I'm so fangirling over Sandara's new look in "Falling In Love"!!!! Is there anyone out there fangirling over her toooo?
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She is so cute~~~~ i wish she was a little bit chubbier hehehehe but besides that shes perfect
4 years ago·Reply
@daradara true!! I wish our unnie was a little bit chubbier : ( but I heard that she eats a lot of junk food to gain weight!
4 years ago·Reply
ahhh omg I just found this beautiful Fan Art of Park Bommiee <3 <3 He is a friend of mine and he is so good *Q* you guys should stay tuned for more of his pictures <3
4 years ago·Reply
@PiuPiuPENGUIN yess!! I just saw it right now! >.< I love it!! it makes bommie unnie look super pretty *_*
4 years ago·Reply
@alex9094 yeah I totally agree! I have seen more of his K-pop fanart, and they are all great!
4 years ago·Reply