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I have had a few discussions with people and made a YouTube video about this very topic. I think hatred for anime has been around for quite sometime and I've never really understood why this occurs. Anime for some is a relief from stressful situatinns, so because this statement holds true what's their to hate. Anyway, it would awesome if I could get everyone's perspective on this.
Wow that's so deep I can totally empathize towards that situation. I think can relate most with Gara, he was born premature and had to prove himself to be equal in strength and intelligence just like everyone else. @KariBiniecki
I believe anime has vastly more in depth story lines that contain appealing animation my inner child can enjoy than what America can ever give to me. Pretty much everything post 2010 I've seen has downright sucked. Even if it started good, it's not as good as it was when it debuted.
I enjoy anime because I can relate to the characters. Take Sasuke...he grew up trying to impress his dad, only to be told he wasnt as good as his older sibling. I grew up trying to please my parents with good grades or my art, only to be told I could have done better or questioned why I couldnt be more like my older sibling. I'm well past all that emotional abuse now but it's still something I've come to terms with and now realized I only need to please myself.
I think it is because they can't suspend their suspension of disbelief when watching it.
i beleive my hatred stemmed from jealousy and wanting my own special attention aside from my sibling.