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This "challenge" of sorts made it's way into the anime community after @sophiamor and @KaylnHay shared their lists, and I'm down to share mine now, too!

1. Subaru from Re: Zero

Yep. Believe it or not, this guy is on my list. Sure , he's a total shut in who probably shouldn't be trusted, but he's also way stronger than he knows, incredibly loyal, and actually quite intelligent. Plus, we're into the same things: video games & Emilia ;)

2. Eli from Love Live!

She's beautiful, she's smart, she's caring, and she's totally adorable when she's embarrassed! I've already written multiple (x) cards (x) devoted to her, so I'll leave it at this XD

3. Reiji from Toradora

Say what you want about Reiji, but I think he'd be the perfect kind of boyfriend for me. He's attentive, but not overbearing. Caring, but knows when to keep his distance. And knows when I'd be lying about "being totally okay." Sure, he's not always the brightest, but I think he'd be pretty fun to date!

So....Who would you date? :P

Tagging some friends!!
Zero from Vampire Knight or Gajeel from Fairy Tail
Naruto😍 Ichigo😍 Kyo😍 Yato😍 Sesshomaru😍 N Sebastian❤😍 theres more just so u know lol
Kanekiiii ken from Tokyo ghoul or sasuke from naruto
Daichi from Haikyuu!!, Makoto from Free!, Teppei from Kuroko no Basket, in sure there are others, but I'm just blanking right now
I can't date I'm married to Sebastian Michaelis
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