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I'm Glad that V Said that because I hate when people say that they are an ARMY but they only like one member or they love BTS, but they say they would love them more if a certain member left. Sadly, we have one particular member who is a victim to a lot of these kind of hateful Comments...
And that's my sweet Joonie. I'm not saying you can't have a BTS Bias, but if you hate the other members or Can't Respect all of them. I'm sorry, but you're Not an ARMY. Namjoon is my BTS Bias, but I love and Respect all of the members and I love them all very much. They are all so dear to my heart, and I would feel Heartbroken if any of them left the group.
I'm sorry if this card comes across as Rude, but I had to get this off my Chest.

Just please Don't hate on any of the Members. They are all wonderful Hardworking Guys, and None of them Deserve getting hated on.

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i dont understand people who say that the group would be better without one member, like you know absolutely NOTHING about bangtan if you believe they would be better without certain members. namjoon works just as hard as everyone else and hes gone through a lot from being the only original member and seeing the others leave to having to deal with hate from other underground rappers who thought he was selling out for becoming an idol. he deserves a lot more credit than what hes given, and the other members deserve just as much credit. some may work harder in other areas(ex. jin and namjoon have to practice dance a lot just to get the moves right bc they struggle w it and there's nothing wrong w that) but just because you find certain members "more talented" or "more attractive" that has nothing to do with bts being better off and it sure as hell doesn't make you right; your opinion on members' appearance and talent is just that: an opinion. and to say that the group would be better off without certain members is insulting not just to the individual members, not just to bts as a whole, but to the amount of hard work, effort, pain, injury, and tears they have put into this. to say that any one member is more valuable to the group or that any one member would go unnoticed if they left is simply untrue, and i honestly dont believe anyone who feels that way can call themselves an army. if youre an army, you support all of bts, not just your favorite members. this is something that has SERIOUSLY been bothering me lately so thank you for this post.
True true Hoseok is so adorable and cute
Amen and well said!
I honestly dont understand I didnt think people did this all of bts their personalitys how do you only like one of them and not the other ones or wish someone isnt in the group. this was my first k pop group and even when I was new to them I never wanted anyone to leave I wanted to get to know them as a group, they all work hard to put smiles on our faces everday and if you dont love them as a group you're missing out because their cuteness and funniest stuff comes from them being as a group having fun togather.
they're all so damn adorable. one does not simply love one member of a K-pop group.