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I'm Glad that V Said that because I hate when people say that they are an ARMY but they only like one member or they love BTS, but they say they would love them more if a certain member left. Sadly, we have one particular member who is a victim to a lot of these kind of hateful Comments...
And that's my sweet Joonie. I'm not saying you can't have a BTS Bias, but if you hate the other members or Can't Respect all of them. I'm sorry, but you're Not an ARMY. Namjoon is my BTS Bias, but I love and Respect all of the members and I love them all very much. They are all so dear to my heart, and I would feel Heartbroken if any of them left the group.
I'm sorry if this card comes across as Rude, but I had to get this off my Chest.

Just please Don't hate on any of the Members. They are all wonderful Hardworking Guys, and None of them Deserve getting hated on.

No hun THIS CARD IS AMAZING and I LOVE IT cuz seriously if anyone complained about hiw HOBI looks then excuse yourself hater and F yourselves......Either one of them "you like hobi...MORE THAN WELCOMED to be an ARMY member" "Don't like him.......WELL GET THE F OUT OF US AND LEAVE THE FANDOM ALREADY" and I'm very sorry if that sounded harsh, but No one can even spell a letter about my Hobi, cuz because of him I got into BTS.....AND I.M PROUD OF IT 💝💝😘😘
Like you said, people who say these things are not real ARMY's. My UB is Jimin, followed closely by Suga, but when someone asked me recently to rate the entire group 1-7, I couldn't do it. I have my couple biases, but after that I can't rank them. I love all 7 of them! Each one is beautiful and talented in their own way, and each one brings something different to the group. Without any one of them, BTS would not be BTS. I really hope that none of them take these awful comments to heart because their true fans love each and every one of them.
True 👏👏 This had to be said.! Love ALL the members cause without one of them Bangtan is not complete. ♡♡
Completely agree, I can't pick a single bias from this group I love them all. They all are so talented and special that I can't imagine BTS without a single member. When they are a group with a missing member it makes me sad. I know they will eventually do their own things in the future, but staying in touch and having comebacks as a whole group becomes so special. And I'm sorry but there is no one in this group who isn't sexy or handsome. I mean everyone of them are gorgeous so I don't understand how people can say certain members aren't?
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