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Mamoru Hosoda, the man behind Wolf Children & Summer Wars, has come out with a brand-new anime film. It's called 'The Boy and The Beast', centering around a young boy named Kyuta who slips into an alternate universe where he is raised by a bear-man, Kumatetsu. Kyuta is eventually thrust into an adventure which spans both worlds.
The animation style is the kind of quality we've come to expect from Studio Chizu, and the narrative is a heartwarming tale of finding your worth in unconventional ways.
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watched it right after I saw this card great movie
2 years ago·Reply
did the same too got it on blue ray loved it a bit sad
a year ago
and I'm going to go watch it now cx
2 years ago·Reply
Bro it's so good I just watched it
2 years ago·Reply
Love this film!!!!
a year ago·Reply
I'll have to this this on my "Anime list" to watch, looks pretty dope!
7 months ago·Reply