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3DMG - Attack on Titan

3D Maneuvering Gear just looks like a shit-ton of fun, just flying around like that! It just looks so exciting and liberating, even with all those harnesses! I could do without Titans in my life, but I totally wish I could play with that gear!

Honorable Mentions

I may be cheating a little with a few of these, but, when I think about it, I kinda love how that line gets a little blurred in anime! If I'm not making sense, just check 'em out and see what I mean!

Incursio - Akame Ga Kill!

Incursio is an Imperial Arms formed from the flesh of a Danger Beast. Bulat inherited it from his master and later passed it on to Tatsumi. It takes the form of a sword with a chain when inactive, and transforms into full body armor which gives its wearer enhanced abilities. Incursio takes immense strength to be compatible with and has the rare ability to adapt and evolve.

Senketsu - Kill La Kill

Like Incursio, Senketsu also transforms into full-body armor (I suppose that's debatable, though) with the ability to adapt and evolve. He is a Kamui created by Ryuko's father from life fibers to be worn by her. When idle, he takes the form of a ratty sailor uniform, but when activated by Ryuko's blood, Ryuko and Senketsu synchronize, and he transforms into revealing armor (there is an explanation for that, but I'll let you watch to find out for yourself!). He is actually one of my favorite characters in the series, though Ryuko is the only who can hear him, her and the audience, of course, and I love their relationship!

Kinki - Noragami

This one may be a little bit of a cheat, but as Kuraha is a regalia, I think he counts! Kuraha, or Kinki, in his weapon form, is one of Bishamon's regalia. In human form, he is an old man with an eyepatch (this injury was the result of a spat between Bishamon and Yato), but as a regalia, he takes the form of a mighty lion which Bishamon rides into battle. He is probably Bishamon's most trusted regalia, after Kazuma, of course, and, like Senketsu, also has a great personality, especially after some of the air is cleared between the feuding gods of war!

Crescent Rose - RWBY

Crescent Rose is Ruby's pride and joy! Crescent Rose is a retractable scyth/high calibur sniper rifle that Ruby designed herself when she studied under her Uncle Qrow at Signal Academy.

Black Wing Armor - Fairy Tail

Of all of Erza's various suits of armor, this one has always been a personal favorite, for some reason. I just like the look of it, I guess.
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Until next time!
ceesent rose is way too cool!!! and that's awesome!!!! I really love RWBY!!
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I know, it's really breaking me, my heart torn to pieces, :( oh Jaune.. damn Roosterteeth..
I don't blame you, this is life anime is life so don't be ashamed let others say what they want we have the power of anime
but man where's the time
I've got to rewatch kill la
@OtakuDemon10 oops i forgot about senketsu! I'm in the middle of watching kill la kill right now!!! I've bever seen RWBY before but the crescent rose was SO COOL!!! If you watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D it reminds me of Mac's shotgun axe XD
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