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K-pop Songs that Brighten My Day

I decided to do a kind of playlist series just because~

It's about getting song recs from everyone and sharing your opinions, if anything really.

Without further ado, here are some songs that never fail to put me in a good/better mood :3

G.R.8.U - VIXX O.K - B1A4 Mansae - Seventeen Shy Boy - Secret (especially Teen Top's version, hehe) Feel So Good - B.A.P

What K-pop songs lift your spirits?

Share with us!~


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a year ago·Reply
Kpop in general always makes me feel better 💕
a year ago·Reply
fantastic baby - Big Bang I am he - Mino Dumb and Dumber -iKON White love - Seungri Dope - BTS Knockout- GD n TOP the list continues
a year ago·Reply
hello by shinee
a year ago·Reply
Just Right by GOT7
a year ago·Reply