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SUP HOMIES!? Here's some news/update: Hey guys, so I just want to let you all know that I am working on chapter 3 of "A Darker Truth" and I'm going to try and finish it and have it posted either today or tomorrow, hopefully, if not...sorry. ALSO...... s3c must compose mahs3lf....
Ok so, tomorrow I am heading to Texas so I can be at airport before 1 a.m. 27th friday. I. AM. GOING. TO. SEOUL. SOUTH. KOREA!!!!!
Oh, I so excited and nervous! Woot Woot! *Happy dance* you jelly?
heeeeeh. Anywho~ I'll be gone for 2 weeks, be back the 11th of june and stay in texas of another week, then go home sunday. 3 weeks gone. so 3 weeks of no card or fanfic from me. sorry about that. once I'm back I have to check out the college I'mma be going to and then looking at homes as well, stress, so much to do. life..... bleh but anyways yeah. That's all the news I got for you....I think.. lol
BYE! until next time~ ~Luz out!
@IsoldaPazo jajaja gracias, I promise to take many and send them to you and I'll try and text you tambien. lol
Take lots of photos to show us when you get back....and stay safe.
Wahhh que emocion!!!! take lots and lots of pics!!! text me...or not that may be too expensive lol. so happy para you!
Have an awesome trip! 😊
@JaxomB I promise I will on both! XD
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