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Hello and Welcome! :D
Yes, last episode was nothing but travel but shall we kick start our vacation with Panda now? :3
Before we get started, here's Season 2 Premiere in case you need it<3
And here are Seung-Ri's petals thus far~
----> Episode 5
-----> Episode 6
------> Episode 7
Please enjoy! ;)
Episode 8~
The sound of ocean waves crashing against the hard sand eased your thoughts into relaxation when you felt the sunlight on your face. You stretch your arms above your head and breathe in deeply, letting your guard down long enough for Seung-Ri to slide his arm across your stomach and pin you to himself.
“If you even think about getting up right now, I will run out to the ocean and grab all the seaweed I can find and tie you down,” Seung-Ri's hot breath against your ear made you shiver with giggles.
“I'm not going anywhere, especially with that threat in mind.”
He smiles against your ear, “Good.”
“Good,” you find yourself repeating.
You turn your body so it rests on its side and observe Seung-Ri's sleeping profile. With a finger, you trace the curvature of his nose upwards, across his eyebrows to comb them into place and down his cheek bone to draw a heart on his cheek.
<<God he's perfect....>>
A small smile sprouts on his face with his eyes still closed, “I know what you're thinking.”
“You're thinking, 'How did I ever get such a handsome guy?'”
Your fingers lining the stitching of his shirt's collar, “Not exactly but somewhere along those lines.”
Seung-Ri's eyes slowly open, making you freeze on spot in admiration. “Then tell me, what are you think?” He slides his other arm above your head, capturing you with no way to escape.
You smirk, “Are you fishing for compliments?”
Seung-Ri begins to rub his hand up and down your back, tugging on your shirt playfully, “Of course not, I already know I'm handsome, I just want to know what my baby thinks of me.”
A giggle escapes from your mouth, forcing you to draw your hands back and cover your mouth in order to keep another from escaping. Seung-Ri stops rubbing your back to grab your hands and pull them back onto his chest.
“Tell me,” he whispers softly.
You shake your head, “I'll pass.”
“Come on, please?” He blinks and shot you his most innocent look he could muster.
“You're not playing fair here,” You giggle again.
Seung-Ri closes his eyes and sighs heavily, “Play nice? Baby, this is playing nice. Too nice.”
You prop yourself up on an elbow and look down on him, “Too nice? You've been teasing me since the day I met you!”
Seung-Ri's eyes tear open, “I've been teasing you? I!” He pushes you back down on the bed and jumps on top of you, trapping you with his hands on either side of your head. “You! You've been driving me crazy since the first day we met! You were the one who teased me first, giving the hyungs and I that cute pained expression when we thought you had taken offense!” He sighs again, “I thought you were beautiful the way you laughed so carefree and yet use laughter as an excuse to hide your face when your cheeks flush from embarrassment, and, and, and now. I think it's beautiful the way you have this helpless look on your face and yet you're not doing anything to escape.”
You gaze up at him then lift your arm and caress his jaw, “Because I trust you.”
He shakes his head, “Don't do this to me.”
You raise an eyebrow, “Do what?”
“Tempt me. Like the way you did with pocky that one day at the log house."
You grin, “But I don't have pocky on me right now, how is it that I'm tempting you?”
Seung-Ri leans down and plants a light kiss on your jaw, “With your beauty.” He skids his nose down your jaw, “with your scent.” His lips press against the vulnerable skin underneath your chin, “your voice.”
You shiver violently when his hot breath travels down your neck, “This is sexual harassment, oppa.”
You feel his lips grin on the nook of your neck and shoulder, “What? Am I not allowed to kiss my girlfriend? I mean, I'll give her my body anytime she asks, so I figured it would be okay if I just appreciated her back.” He drags his lips across the base of your neck, making goosebumps spring from underneath your skin.
“Seung-Hyun,” you whisper breathlessly.
“That's more like it, baby.”
“Seung-Hyun,” you repeat again with a bit more force.
“Mmm,” he moans closely to your ear.
“What?” he pulls back and looks down at you.
“There's people outside.”
“What?” he sits up and looks towards the sliding doors.
You use the opportunity to pull your legs from under him and roll of the bed.
“Yaah! Was that a trick? You cheater!” He exclaims, getting off the bed to follow you.
“No, really, I heard voices outside,” you reply, pointing towards the sliding doors.
Seung-Ri keeps his eyes on you as he makes his way across the room to peek through the closed blinds. “It's just locals,” he says, turning back to look at you.
You clasp your hands, “Well, I'm going to go freshen up and get breakfast started.” You bow then quickly turn and scurry away.
“Yaah! That wasn't playing fair!” Seung-Ri shouts as you get away.
You close the door to the bathroom behind you then proceed to splash water on your face and brush your teeth. The door opens as you begin to brush, making you jump in fear when Seung-Ri walks in without his shirt.
“Waah! Get wout!” you yell, unable to enunciate properly due to the toothpaste in your mouth.
Seung-Ri smirks, “I have to freshen up and brush my teeth too, and since we woke up at the same time, we're going to have to share the bathroom.”
You stare at him as he scoots you over and takes out his toothbrush and proceeds to apply the toothpaste. <<I swear, you're having way too much fun here, panda.>> You finish brushing your teeth quickly then step around him to leave the bathroom.
Seung-Ri sticks his head out, “Don't walk away! I wanted to do couple things!”
You open the kitchen's refrigerator and pull out the carton of milk, then grab the available cereal and poor yourself a bowl. Seung-Ri walks into the kitchen a few minutes later with a change of clothes and wraps his arms around you from behind.
“Let's enjoy the beach today, shall we?” he kisses your hair then rests his head on your shoulder.
You shrug your shoulders, filling your mouth with cereal as an excuse to keep yourself from replying.
“Aigoo, don't be mad at me! I'm just trying to enjoy being with my beautiful girlfriend. By the way, have you seen her? She escaped from me this morning and I forgot to give her a good morning kiss.”
You swallow the cereal in your mouth, “I think she went back home to alert the zoo keepers that there was a wild panda on the lose.”
Seung-Ri chuckles in your ear, “Damn, well then miss, will you stay here and take care of me until my girlfriend returns?”
You set the spoon down and turn around in Seung-Ri's arms.
“Oh! There she is! My beautiful girlfriend! Omo, where did you go? I got so worried!” Seung-Ri grins from ear to ear. You glare at him, making Seung-Ri lean in to kiss you quickly before your brain came up with a response. “Come on, Aka Island is gorgeous! Let's spend it outside, baby.”
You roll your head back and sigh, “Fine. But only because it's a nice day outside.”
Seung-Ri lets you go and cheers, “You're going to love what I packed for you!”
“Packed for what? I knew it! You did go through my things!”
Seung-Ri winks at you, “Only for a good cause baby, only for a good cause.” He reaches around you and picks up the bowl then begins eating the rest of the cereal you left behind.
You storm into the bedroom where the suitcases were kept. “I swear, if you packed the way I think you did for me, I will leave this island immediately,” You call back over your shoulder.
“How do you think I packed?” Seung-Ri responds with a mouth full of cereal.
You zip open the smaller suitcase, “You gave me these clothes last night, which I thought was oddly strange since it was indeed my shorts and my t-shirt, but I didn't think you'd actually pack for me.”
“All I did was grab your suitcase that was still unpacked from when you moved in, and took out the winter clothes then added a few things here and there.”
You turn to look at him, “What did you add exactly?”
He shrugs, “who knows, it's definitely not at the bottom.”
You turn back and dig through your clothes to the bottom of the suitcase. “Seriously?” you say, pulling out a bikini.
“What? I thought you'd look good in it.”
You toss it back in, “Nope. Not going to even try.”
“Yaah, I meant underneath shorts and a t-shirt! That way you don't get sick.”
You stand up cross your arms across your chest, “Fine. Go eat while I change.”
Seung-Ri blows you a quick kiss before disappearing behind the closed door. You change quickly into it then slip on a new pair of shorts and another t-shirt. <<What a sly move.>>
“Okay, let's go,” you say once you're in the kitchen again.
Seung-Ri's eyebrows shoot up, “Aren't you going to show me how it looks?”
“On second thought, staying inside sounds nice,” You smile and turn away.
“Yaah!” Seung-Ri reaches forth and grabs your hand, pulling you back towards himself. “I'm kidding babe, come on, let's go.” He kisses your forehead gently then leads you out the patio door and out towards the beach.
The rest of the day was spent outside on the white sand and blue water. You and Seung-Ri splashed each other, chased each other, and even tried to build a sand castle without the tools. As the sun began to set on the horizon, Seung-Ri had suggested a trues then wrapped an arm around your shoulders, telling stories about his adventures on the island as you both walked along the shoreline.
When you return from the walk, Seung-Ri sits down on the sand and pats the spot next to him. You sit down and tuck your legs in with your head on your knees, listening to him as he continues with stories from other places he had visited.
“Aishh, I'm boring you aren't I?” He says out of the blue.
“No, I'm just admiring you as you talk,” You smile.
Seung-Ri shakes his head with a growing tint on his cheeks, “Don't do that to me.”
You lift your head, “do what?”
“Get cute all of a sudden. I'm supposed to be the cute one,” He pouts playfully.
“I'm sorry?”
Seung-Ri chuckles, then stands up and pulls you to your feet, “Let's go inside and get some dinner, I'm starving.”
The next morning you awaken with the spot next you empty and cold. <<Aishh, are you kidding me? Where could he have disappeared to here?>>
You roll out of bed and head to the bathroom to shower. When you emerge out to the kitchen, you find a note on the counter next to an aluminum covered plate.
“Went out to get something for the day. Eat plenty. Be back before you know it.”
<<What are we going to need? It's the beach for goodness sakes, all you need is sunscreen!>>
You uncover the plate and enjoy the pancakes that Seung-Ri had made then wash the plate and step outside onto the patio. You stretch in the sunlight, inhaling the salty air to remind you of the paradise that you are in.
“You're awake!” You look up and see Seung-Ri running towards you from a small motor boat behind him. He reaches you in a few seconds and scoops you up into a tight embrace. “I'm sorry for leaving you all alone baby, but I wanted to treat you while we're here.”
“Treat me? What are you talking about? You brought me here, this is already a huge treat. You don't have to go out of your way or anything-”
Seung-Ri silences you with a kiss, “You're my girlfriend, and because you're my girlfriend, I'm going to spoil you the way I want to, okay?”
“You know, it's rude to interrupt someone while they're talkin-”
Seung-Ri kisses you again.
“Okay,” you mutter when he pulls back.
He grins, “Good.”
Seung-Ri takes your hand and guides you out towards the small motor boat and helps you in. He then pushes the boat off the shore then jumps in and kicks it to life. The boat navigates around the island, giving you a chance to see it whole as Seung-Ri shouts his tour facts over the noise. The tour continues with tours of the neighboring islands, only stopping in the middle of the open water to eat the lunch that Seung-Ri had bought when he got the boat.
“Let's have dinner outside tonight.” He says as he chews.
“On the beach?”
He shakes his head, “On the patio babe. I heard it was going to be a clear night so it'd be great to see the stars.”
You smile, “I didn't know you were such a romantic.”
Seung-Ri chuckles, “I didn't know either, but all night I kept thinking, 'what would she like to do here? What would she like to see?' So that gave me a bit of motivation.”
<<He really isn't a playboy, he's just a dorky panda with plenty to offer.>> “I'd like that, actually.”
The tour continues a little while longer until Seung-Ri takes a turn and heads back towards Aka Island. He drops you off first then leaves to return the boat on the other side of the island. You head inside and begin gathering the ingredients for dinner. Half an hour into the process, Seung-Ri shows up and immediately jumps in on helping you with the cooking, following your every order when you ask him for a spice.
The colors in the sky had begun to change by the time Seung-Ri set the table up on the patio and helped you bring the food outside. He had set up a couple of candles on the table, using the excuse of avoiding to turn on the patio light that would only interfere with the visibility of the night sky, and had even pulled out the chair for you and pushed you in as well.
“Wow, this is nice.” You whisper, looking up at the sky as you ate.
“I've seen better.” Seung-Ri comments in between bites.
You look back down at him, “Really, where?”
Seung-Ri smirks, “Here, in front of me.”
You roll your eyes, “How did I not see that one coming?”
“Yaah,” He chuckles. “You love me. I know you do. Better yet, I bet back then when you were still in the States and BigBang would go on tour, you'd come out and see us and be cheering like, 'Seung-Ri oppa! I love you! Notice me! Let me be your girlfriend!”
You look away to hide your burning cheeks, “So what if I was?”
His eyes widen in surprise, “Omo! Were you really like that? Aishh, now I feel bad for teasing you.” He stretches his hand to you and places it over your own. “It's okay, if the situation were reversed, I'd be fanboying over you and how pretty you are, baby.”
You laugh, “Maybe in the next life I'll get lucky enough to have that experience with you.”
Seung-Ri grins for a moment, then tilts his head around you and stares into the distance with a concerned look.
“What's wrong?”
“There's these blinking lights out in between the trees, kind of strange.”
“Really?” you begin to turn in the direction he was looking but Seung-Ri reaches for your chin and brings your face back towards him.
“It's probably some of the local kids playing with flash lights, don't worry about it.” He smiles gently at you. “Let's head inside before you catch a cold, I can see your goosebumps even under this faint light.”
You stick your tongue out at him, “Fine, it was fun while it lasted.”
He sighs then blows you a kiss, “We'll have other chances baby, I'll make sure of it.”
Seung-Ri sends you inside for a sweatshirt while he stayed behind and moved everything back inside. When you emerge back out, the blinds were already closed and he had begun washing the dishes as he sang along to another Justin Timberlake song.
You awake the next morning with something soft tracing the outline of your lips. Your eyes slowly open to see Seung-Ri gazing at you while his finger stopped on your bottom lip then pulled it back gently and let it go.
“Good morning beautiful.” He grins at you.
“Good morning.” You smile back. <<To be watched while you slept by the one and only Seung-Ri.... I don't know if that's a scary thought or a dream come true!>>
“How did you sleep?” He continues, caressing your cheek with his thumb.
“Peacefully, how about you?”
Seung-Ri pulls his hand back and rolls from his side to his back, tucking his hand behind his head. “Same, but I woke up with a few things on my mind that I've yet to get rid of.”
You support yourself up on your elbow, “What's up?”
His eyes flicker from the ceiling, down to you, then back up to the ceiling, “It's nothing, forget it. Let's enjoy-”
“Tell me, please?” You interrupt him, reaching forth to pull his chin down to face you.
“No, it's okay, they're just some thoughts-”
“Yaah! Seung-Hyun! Tell me you or else I won't make you breakfast!”
He grins, “Fine, but you have to listen to everything I say, okay?”
You nod in agreement.
“Good.” He leans towards you slowly, then grabs your hand and jumps on top of you, pinning down your hands on either side of your head.
“Seriously! All that just so we could end up in this position again?” You protest.
“No no no, hear me out. I put a lot of thought into this.” He smirks.
You shake your head, “Let me go-”
“Now you see, I've been thinking. I am too nice to you.”
You furrow your eyebrows together, “Too nice? Didn't we have this conversa-”
“Too nice in the way that, I have to sit still and suffer as I watch my beautiful girlfriend sleep peacefully besides me, completely vulnerable with only me to protect her, and yet, I get no reward.”
“Reward? What kind of reward are you- oh.”
Seung-Ri leans down and begins to place soft kisses up your neck, “And I'm not saying you have to reward me with some grand prize or anything, but at least something here and there would be nice, to remind me that I'm doing good.”
You shiver, “So panda wants to play, I take it?”
He pulls back and stares down at you with a mischievous smirk on his lips, “Play?”
You nod towards his hands, “Let me go first and I'll play.”
He eyes you curiously, “Only because you want to-”
“Seung-Hyun,” you lick your lips. “Trust me.”
Seung-Ri lets go of your hands cautiously and puts them beside your head, watching you closely as your hands snake up his arms and around his neck. “You know I love you, right?”
“Just like I love you.”
“And you know I'd do anything in the world to keep you by my side, right?”
“Of course."
“And that I would protect you with my life if it came down to it, right?”
“Like you've proven to me before.”
“And I would also-”
“Yaah!” you giggle. “Kiss me already before my lips dry out again!”
Seung-Ri grins, “You don't have to tell me twice, baby.”
He leans again and presses his lips against yours. Softly at first then gradually increasing in depth until every kiss told you how much he of his soul he was willing to offer to be with you. Your hands drag down to the bottom his shirt, latching onto the hem and carefully dragging it up till he got the message and pulled back long enough to yank it off of his head. Without a second to of pausing, Seung-Ri proceeds kissing up your jawline and down your neck, causing a wave of soft moans to escape your mouth. His teeth nibble on your collar bone, making you fight back with your fingernails sinking into his back to keep you from melting away.
“Bites are good?”
You shrug, “Don't know.” You answer faintly.
“Oh, I know.” He grins against your skin and begins to bite a little harder.
<<Aishh, this is bad. Let me just....>> You slide your hands to his chest then pull your legs up and wrap them around his waist, placing yourself in the right position as you push him off and roll him onto his back so you could pin him down instead. <<There we go, much better.>>
He laughs, “Thank you god, for giving me a challenge in life!”
“Shush, panda. We're not done here yet.” You smirk.
Seung-Ri winks at you, “Yes, ma'am.”
You let go of his arms and put your hands on his chest while you lean forward and kiss his lips gently, pulling back every time he would try to push for more.
“Aigoo! Teasing will only make me take control-”
You silence him with another kiss, then capture his bottom lip between your teeth and slowly pull on it, making Seung-Ri shudder underneath your touch. His hands slide to your hips and grasp tightly when you pull on his bottom lip again. You pull back and stretch forward to plant a small kiss underneath his ear. Seung-Ri tilts his head to the side when you begin to trail down his neck, smiling when his moans became hoarse.
Out of the blue, Crayon begins to play off his phone, you pause at the base of his neck, “Are you going to get that?”
He shakes his head, “No. Busy,” he manages to say.
Your hands rub his chest and stomach, detecting the acceleration of his heart whenever you'd run your hand across it. Seung-Ri's phone began to ring again with Crayon. “You sure? Sounds urgent,” you mutter in between bites on the base of his collar bone.
Seung-Ri shakes his head again, then hooks his fingers underneath your shirt and pulls it up and over your head, giving him access to explore your back.
The phone rang one more time, except this time, the ring tone made you freeze in place like an animal seeing their predator in the distance. “You need to answer that.”
You sit up as Seung-Ri clears his throat then reached for his phone on the night table and hit the speaker phone. “Hello?” he says, looking at you with hunger in his eyes.
“Where are you?” The harsh voice demanded.
“At home wh-”
“Cut the bullshit, Seung-Ri. I saw the photos of you being on some island with another of your lady friends!”
Seung-Ri's face melts with fear, “Boss, I can explain-”
“Enough! I want you back in Seoul by tonight then in my office first thing tomorrow morning! Call me when you get home. Understand?”
“Understood, boss.”
The line cuts off.
You stare at Seung-Ri in confusion, “what photos?” You climb off the bed and grab your phone, unlocking it quickly and scrolling past the apps to your source of recent Kpop news until a small banner pops up on the screen with the latest update.
'Caught Red-handed! BigBang's Seung-Ri has been photographed on a small island with an unknown woman having dinner out in plain sight! The two quickly went inside and closed the blinds when Seung-Ri himself looked in the direction of the photographer! Details about the relationship nor the woman have yet to be released.'
Omo! :O
What's going to happen? How will this effect the finale? Will our Panda ever get away from the drama and live a scandel-less life?
(Why is Panda so happy? XD)
Guess we'll have to see on Thursday for the finale of Seung-Ri's petal! :D
Thank you so much for everything thus far! I'm excited and sadden that this petal will end but we must continue our love story with the rest of the members! :D
I hope you all will continue to support me no matter what happens! :3
See you on Thursday! :D
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Seungri!! You gotta be honest!! You see paparazzi, you tell her!! Now you're in trouble with papa YG AND her! Silly, silly Panada. And damn this new scandal for ruining what would have been a beautiful start to the morning!! *shakes fist*
so so close to home run here...!! 😳😳
Ayee just when things were starting to get good, they gotta interrupt!! lol Damn paparazzi!!
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AAAAAIIIIISSSSHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Why must they always get interrupted???? Eettoke????? Wwwaaaaaeeeee???????
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