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Welcome to the Finale of Seung-Ri's Petal! :D
Are you ready to conclude his petal after all that's happened? :o
Because I've lowkey become attached to Seung-Ri, I don't know about you guys though. XD
Alas, the story must end, and the other petals must uncoil to reveal the beautiful flower. :)
Here's Season 2 Premiere in case you need it<3
Here are Seung-Ri's petals thus far~
----> Episode 5
-----> Episode 6
------> Episode 7
-------> Episode 8
Thank you for all your support during Seung-Ri's petal! I hope you'll continue to love and support this novel and myself for the future petals too! <3
Please enjoy!
Episode 9
“Why didn't you tell me last night?” You ask for the fifth time that morning. Seung-Ri had grown serious the moment he hung up with the CEO and had rolled out of bed to pack everything, even stepping outside the room to make a few phone calls and arrange for transportation. You had changed back into another set of clothes for the plane ride until he rounded everything up and carried the suitcases out to the boat that was waiting.
He stood in silence with an arm around your shoulders, looking around from side to side, keeping his eyes hidden behind his sunglasses.
“Seung-Ri, please, talk to me. We're in this together.” You plead.
His head snaps back towards you, “What?”
“Why didn't you tell me what you saw last night?”
He shrugs, “I didn't think it would be the paparazzi since I've been here so many times without any encounters. Besides, it's me who's in trouble, not you. They didn't capture a photo of you.” He smiled gently at you then returned his paranoid attention back to your surroundings.
Okinawa's airport felt different. Its calmness made your skin irk with fear of the possible situations that could occur. The exciting adventurous vibe no longer pumped through your veins, it was if you had woken up from a beautiful dream into a dangerous situation.
<<Aishh, how could this get any worse?>>
“We shouldn't be traveling together.” You mutter to him as the plane took off towards Fukuoka.
He pulls down his sunglasses and gives you a wink, “Don't worry about it. We'll be quick about moving along. Just keep your head down and your mask on, baby.”
From Fukuoka, Seung-Ri grabs your hand and maneuvers quickly through the airport to get to the gate that lead you on the plane back to Seoul. You notice people staring towards you and Seung-Ri as you moved down the aisle but would turn away when Seung-Ri would glance over at them. You could tell that one of the flight attendants instantly recognized him by the way she would continue to keep flicker her eyes towards him but when she leaned into to whisper something to her co-worker, an unpleasant feeling rose in your stomach.
“I think you have a fan on board.” You whisper to him.
He glances over to look then sighs heavily, “She's not a fan, just an acquaintance that thinks we're friends. She was at the club that one night you were there.”
You flinch. <<Wait what?>>
Like a hungry animal smelling potential food in the air, the woman turns you and begins conversing with the other passengers as an excuse to approach Seung-Ri
“Why hello there, oppa! Always nice to see you on board during my shift, it's like you're looking for me or something!” She giggles playfully.
Seung-Ri nods once then continues to look out your window, remaining silent.
“Is there anything I can get you? A pillow? Soju? Some company perhaps?” She smirks sweetly.
Seung-Ri removes his sunglasses and looks at her with a straight face before turning to you and grabbing your hand, “Do you need anything baby?” He asks in a warm tone.
You shake your head, “I'm fine, thank you.”
Seung-Ri turns back towards the woman and flashes her a brief smile, “We're good, thank you.”
She scoffs, then pauses for a second longer and looks directly at you, “Have I seen you somewhere before?”
<<How can you remember someone when you were shit faced?>>
Seung-Ri snickers, “Of course you have, flowers are too beautiful to forget.”
The woman rolls her eyes and continues down the aisle of the plane.
You punch Seung-Ri's arm, “Idiot, your puns are going to be the death of you!”
Seung-Ri smiles and brings your hand to his lips, “But you are too beautiful.”
“You really need to wear your mask so people can't recognize you so easily,” you pout.
“Yaah,” He leans in and kisses your hair. “As long as you're protected.”
The airplane shakes. You feel your heart jump out of your chest, but feel it settle when Seung-Ri squeezes your hand gently. The captain announced the wave of turbulence that the plane is experiencing, making Seung-Ri tease you for being scared.
“Ladies and gentlemen, please buckle up as we prepare for landing.” The captain announces through the speakers.
Seung-Ri reaches over to help you buckle yourself in, completely turning his back. You look up just in time to see the woman that had tried to flirt with Seung-Ri earlier and notice something in her hand. Another wave of unexpected turbulence hits the airplane, making the woman jerk her hand forward to splash you in the face with the sticky liquid in her cup just as she walked by.
Seung-Ri whirls around, “What are you doing?” He growls.
“I'm so sorry! The turbulence made me lose my footing!” The woman bowed. “Let me get this passenger another refreshment and I'll get you some napkins.” She bows once more and disappears behind the economical class door.
Seung-Ri turns back to you, using his coat sleeve to wipe off your forehead. You nod your head and pull off your face mask wipe the rest of your face.
“She had that planned,” you mutter in annoyance.
Seung-Ri sighs, “I'm sorry baby, I'll call in and demand for her to get fired immediately.”
You shove the mask into your coat pocket, “No, it's fine. It's best not to scoop down to her level. Let's just get home and forget it ever happened.”
He leans in and kisses your cheek, “I'm sorry about that.”
You smile at him, “it's okay, let's just hope things run smoothly when we land.”
Seung-Ri twines his fingers with yours and guides you out of the gate and towards the luggage claim. Without a mask to protect you, you pull up your hoodie and keep your head lowered, hurrying along with Seung-Ri to get out of the crowd.
“Shit. Don't look up,” Seung-Ri says to you in a low voice. He pulls you towards another hallway and pulls out his phone. “Hey man, I'm at Incheon under some heat, can you grab my luggage and ship it to me? I need to get out of here fast.” He stays for a moment then replies with a thank you and hangs up.
“What's going on?” you ask, sensing the anxiety in your head leak through and start to consume your logic.
But before Seung-Ri could give you an answer, a group of men swarmed the both of you, blinding you with flashing lights as they shouted to get Seung-Ri's attention.
<<Are you freaking kidding me? The bullet I dodged a few days ago has come back to shoot me where it hurts.>>
“V.I! V.I!”
“Seung-Ri, show us your new friend!”
“Was she the one on the island with you?”
<<Please go away! Do me this one small favor and please leave us alone!>>
Seung-Ri squeezes your hand tightly and pulls you closely beside him, you use his arm as an additional shield to hide your face until something reaches out and grabs your hoodie and pulls it down.
<<Oh no. >> You feel your world plummet to the ground and shatter as the rest of the crowd around you gasps.
“It's her!”
“The Foreign Flower!”
<<Don't say that name!>>
“She was with V.I. This whole time!”
<<Go away!>>
“Seung-Ri! Can you confirm your relationship?”
<<How bout you->>
“How long have you two been close?”
<<How long->>
“What does YG think about this?”
<<YG. Oh my god, I'm dead. I'm so dead. He's going to kill me. He's going to fire me then kill me and make it look like an accident. I single handedly ruined everything for Seung-Ri and the rest of BigBang just before their comeback.>>
You feel the tears cluster together behind your eyes and he lets go of your hand and throws an arm around you hugging you close his side.
<<Idiot, let me go and get back on a plane to the States! We all know the outcome of this love story! We all know what happens!>>
Seung-Ri continues to lead you outside and into his car, making sure you were secure inside before going around and climbing in. His face was hard and expressionless as he navigated through the dense traffic and the paparazzi that kept banging on the car door to get a reaction.
“I'm so sorry,” He finally says once he's on the freeway.
You catch your hands trembling with freight. “It's okay. It was bound to happen somehow.” You reply in a soft whisper.
<<I just figured I'd be able to live in paradise a little longer.>>
“Babe, we need to-”
Seung-Ri's phone begins to ring with the tone that made the hair on the back of your neck stand tall. You swallowed hard as he pressed a button on the steering wheel to answer.
“Yes, sir?”
“Don't bother going home after what I just saw. Come to my office immediately and bring HER too.” The CEO's cold voice iced your veins.
The line cut before Seung-Ri could reply, making him blow out his frustration and run a hand through his hair. “I'm so sorry.” He repeated again and again like a broken record.
<<No, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry that I can't even find my voice to answer you.>>
You swallow hard once more as he pulls in into YG Entertainment's garage. He opens the car door for you and leans in to kiss you on the lips gently, then pulls back takes your hand, closing the door behind you.
The ride up the elevator remained in silence as the tension intensifies with every floor that it climbed. The elevator doors ding open, and you follow Seung-Ri out and down the hall, turning to look at your office the moment you walked by.
Entrance is granted with the first knock on the CEO's door. He looks up from his desk and follows you and Seung-Ri with his eyes as you walk in and stand before him and bow.
“What is this?” YG breaks the silence.
Seung-Ri clears his throat, “This is exactly how it looks like.”
YG raises an eyebrow but Seung-Ri continues.
“I'm tired of these endless scandals, of being called a player or a playboy. Getting ridiculous rumors created with my name being thrown in just because I'm seen with someone of the opposite gender.”
<<Seung-Ri.... where are you going with this?>>
“I know I flirt, I know I'm playful, and I know that this is something that has lingered above my head for years now, but it's exhausting. And just when I thought I could never get away from this, I found someone.”
<<Wait- No. Don't defend me!>>
“Someone that has my head spinning in circles over what to say next. Someone who hypnotizes me every time they smile. Someone that finally makes me want to settle down and give my full attention to. I stand before you, and the press, and much more just to yell that I'm in love with her.” Seung-Ri looks back to you.
<<Don't say it!>>
“My foreign flower.”
The CEO's eyes flicker to you, paralyzing you on the spot. “What do you have to say for yourself?”
A tight knot lodges itself in your throat but you force your mouth open. <<That it's my fault. That I was the one who didn't turn him down. That he's been my bias since the very beginning. This is all of my selfish doings and I'll resign as quickly as possible because I didn't keep it as a professional relationship.....>> Your mouth tingled in numbness, as if your tongue had fallen asleep to avoid danger. “I-it's-”
“Her apartment was broken into,” Seung-Ri quickly interjects, turning to face the CEO once more. “I was there when it happened and managed to scare the intruders away but I noticed that there were marks on her lock and immediately brought her to live with me. Yes, I had feelings for her even then, but in those moments, I only wanted her to be safe and bringing her under my care. It was then where I confessed. I took the initiative first, I took the risk and told her how I felt. Due to the photographs of that woman clinging onto me, we had an argument, making me take her away on vacation so we could enjoy some peace. It was never my intention to let the media find out. I double checked that we weren't followed but I can now see that it didn't suffice. I don't even know how we were discov-”
“It doesn't matter how, what matters is that you were caught. Then again, your face is so recognizable, I can tell you apart from the crowd from a mile away.” YG replies firmly without moving his eyes away from you.
You swallow hard. <<If you're looking into my soul, please see how sorry I am!>>
He stands up slowly and leans on his desk. “I'm good to you. I let you stay after multiple incidents with the press with no punishment given and yet this is how you repay me?”
Your hands begin to tremble. <<I-I-I>>
He lowers his head and sighs long and hard. “But you bring in good press. The people and the fans love you. You work hard, too hard almost. Pumping out documents faster than we can give you even as you took on multiple side projects.” YG turns to Seung-Ri and shoots him a dark look, “It's always you that causes trouble.”
<<No! Damnit mouth, move!>> You force a step forward, “I-I-”
YG holds up his hand to stop you, “We've talked about this before Seung-Hyun. You know, better than anyone else what scandals can do to a group, before and even after comebacks. This is the first comeback BigBang will make since the long military hiatus, and yet, I get the feeling that you don't care. You disappear, you get distracted, you don't pick up phone calls as often as you use to, and you always seem to be out.”
“But sir-” You try to force your thoughts out.
“Boss-” Seung-Ri too tries to speak but the CEO shoots you a silencing glare.
“But. I've noticed a change in your behavior ever since she came to work for me, Seung-Hyun.” His expressions softens, “I'm going confirm the rumors immediately, however, you both better not disappoint me in this decision if I notice either of your productivity being affected, consequences will be harsh for the two of you. Am I clear?”
You and Seung-Ri nod obediently.
“Very well.” YG glances at you, “I expect you in your office tomorrow bright and early like always. Seung-Ri,” His eyes flicker to the serious faced maknae but Seung-Ri only nods his head again, as if responding to a telepathic message from YG. The CEO sits back down in his chair and leans his head back, massaging his temples slowly, “You're both excused.”
With another bow, Seung-Ri guides you out the door and closes it quietly behind him. You fan yourself with your hand as you lean against the wall.
<<This.... this has been the worst day of my life.>>
A faint sobbing sound captures your attention, you stand up straight and tug on Seung-Ri's shirt so he can turn around to face you. His eyes had become bloodshot red from the tears that had flowed out the corners of his eyes.
You wipe his tears away with your thumbs. “What's wrong? Are you okay?” You ask softly.
He flashes his flawless smile at you then throws his arms around you and hugs you tightly, “I'm sorry baby, it's just that, I'm happy.” He sniffs then clears his throat in effort to control his cracking voice, “I get to tell the world how much I love you, how cute you are, take pictures with you and post it on Instagram!”
“Silly panda, that's too much,” you roll your eyes and giggle, rubbing his back to calm him.
He shakes his head, “I'm serious here! I want the world to know who'll be the mother of my future little pandas.”
Your heart skips a beat, “Wait- what?”
Seung-Ri releases you from his arms only to cup your face in his hands. “Let's go home and continue where we left off this morning, shall we?” A smirk sprouts on cross his lips before he leans in to kiss you.
“Ahem.” You both look up and see the CEO standing in the doorway with a dark expression. “If you're going to be like that, could you please leave this building immediately!” his voice crescendos into a roar and shuts the door loudly, causing you to hide your burning face in Seung-Ri's chest while Seung-Ri quietly chuckles in your ear.
Well, there you have it ladies and gents. :) What a beautiful petal don't you think? *cries* :'3 BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE? :OYes, I plan to release an epilogue of each petal once I'm finished with the entire story. That way you'll know how life is like afterwards! :3So look forward to that when the last petal gets concluded! :D A question was brought up in the comments the other day, asking if we'll know who the intruders are.Well my answer is yes. We'll know who the intruders are but not until the very end in the final petal with a certain member.......... :3So for every petal, you'll get hints and clues on who the culprit may be! :D(I figured it'd be more fun like this :3) Now for the next petal to be released...... I'll drop the announcement this weekend. That way you mental prepare yourself for the future feels <3 :D For now, tell me your thoughts on Seung-Ri's petal! :D Thank you all once again for support this fanfict and everything I publish!I wouldn't be here without your support! *cries*See you all soon! :D*bows*
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I LOVED it!!!! The panda feels are too real!!!!! Why do I feel like my bias is being shifted with this group????
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Omg!!! I still wanted more lol!
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