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Hello Nakama and Z Warriors!

Ani-May is coming to an end but I couldn't close it without mentioning the ladies!

Last week we talked about the boys: check out the card here! As part of @hikaymm Waifu Wednesday its only proper that we discuss our Waifu's!

So which anime girl is your favorite? Who is your Waifu?

Keep a lookout tomorrow for the final Mid Week Mini of Ani-May!

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!
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Mine is definitely erza...! Although i love all the others..! XD
Out of the four on the pic: Winry. Other than that: I'm between Mikasa, Annie, Yuiko, Minako, Makoto, and Temari. Among a slew of others. XD
Erza or Wenry
Lucy is my favorite of all time, I relate to her so much!
Erza followed almost to closely to call by Nami, then winry then Bulma out of the 4 listed.