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Hello Lovelies! It's time for Bling Bling Wednesday! today theme is abs! Enjoy!
Just look at those abs... Taemin: Stef! I accepted your job as a Mod but really you have to do his abs!? Me:Yes cause they are very nice abs and I know the fans will love it! Taemin: -takes his shirt and shows his abs- Look at my abs only. Me: *stares* OK *drools alil*
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well dang this hit me...really hard but it was the best thing ever 😏
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yo that first pic. tae where are you ur hands touching OMG. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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omg!! *nose bleed* I can't never get use to it xD tag me In anything involving shinee and shipping them lol
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lol will do @twistedPuppy
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