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The Dreamkatchers Initiative has started on a fan project for all CNBLUE fans! We are collecting letters, original fanart and photos to put in a book to give to the boys! In addition, any BOICE attending KCON LA 2016 will have a chance to sign the fan book until space runs out.
Letter guidelines:
• Must be in English
• No longer than half a page typed in Arial, Verdana or Calibri @ 12pt font size
• Please avoid mature content
• No emojis
Photo guidelines:
• Should be a photo you took, selca or your original CNBLUE fanart
• Cannot be larger than half a page
• May include up to 200 characters
• Please avoid mature content
Deadline to submit is Sunday, July 3, 2016!
@thedancingtiger maybe thats why they didn't come 😔 no soport?💔💔💔
@GuerlyReyes We've posted this on FB, Instagram, and Twitter.
@thedancingtiger 😔💔 I'm not much in here I'm mostly on Instagram.
@GuerlyReyes For as long as we had this project posted, no one has submitted anything and it's been two months...
is there a way we can still do something to show we love them and soport them?
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