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My friend, Ye Rin from South Korea, went back home today. she was an exchange student. She left a note for me and my friends Kyle in my notebook, but I'm not fluent in Korean. If you're fluent or at least know more than me can you translate her note for us? Thanks it means a lot.
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I'm just learning too, but I think @kpopandkimchi can help you a lot! I've been learning a lot from her and someone else, but he isn't on Vingle anymore... So I hope @kpopandkimchi sees this card and if she can help you a little. 😊 Oh yeah also, @poojas can also help you!
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The first word is sperm and the second urine. Starting from second line, it saids " i am not gonna forget you and i want you to know meaning of the word when you learned Korean later. And i dont know why i cried but i will miss you. Hopefully see you later! I love you! "
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Hahahahaha! a funny friend you got!
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@MeganDenise she was trying to teach me Korean and sometimes I'd ask her how to say things like that just for fun, so she taught me some inappropriate stuff. We'd say them in class all the time.
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@SeventeenBias I understand lol. that's what good friends are for!
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