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This was a Really interesting Waifu Wednesday Topic.. To be honest I have Waifus in all types of Genres of Anime, but Slice of Life Anime I really had a hard time in just picking one because each girl was freaking adorable. After Careful consideration I had to give it to this adorable Soul... INTRODUCING WAIFU #29!!!! THE MAIN PROTAGONIST OF IS THE ORDER A RABBIT!?!
HOTO COCOA!!!!! This girl is such a bundle of energy and a Ray of sunshine. She's definitely got to be One to the Cutest characters in Anime history.
Cocoa has Strawberry Blonde hair with loose bangs, decorated with a Cherry Blossom hair clips on the side of her head. She has purple Tareme-Style (Downward slanted) eyes. Her work outfit is a pink and red variant of the Rabbit House Cafe's uniform: an ankle-length black skirt, white blouse, waistcoat and red bowtie. Her school uniform consists a white sailor-style shirt and pleated skirt with a light pink cardigan on top.
Cocoa is an optimistic girl full of excitement and a very bubbly disposition. She is also a bit air-headed; Which often causes incidents for those around her. She is also extremely clumsy and scatter brained and has a hard time staying focused unless the subject interests her or food is involved. Her unbridled enthusiasm can easily convince others to try new things or see her point of view. Cocoa is also very determined to be seen as mature or sisterly with others, but she seems to have no confidence when it comes to what type of talent or skills she may possess, to the point that she considers her rare ability to calculate math and physics instantly, as nothing much. Her most defining trait is most definitely her Sister Complex towards Chino. She's also very Skilled at baking bread.
So That's Cocoa Hoto! She is My Slice of Life Waifu for Waifu Wednesday and Harem Madness!! This girl is absolutely adorable and one of the sweetest characters in Anime!! If you haven't watched Is The Order a Rabbit!? I recommend that you check it out!! It's freakin Adorable!!! #CocoaHoto #IsTheOrderARabbit #Waifu #YouCan'tHaveHer